Waverly St., Palo Alto, CA

Posted by Melissa Melissa
In the early 1970's my husband & I were newlyweds living in an old Stanford guest house. I had two scary encounters there.  The first was in the middle of the night.  My husband wasn't home.  I awoke and a man was standing next to my bed.  I was terrified but managed to tell him to leave me .  He immediately disappeared.  Another night I awoke from a terrible dream that there was an intruder in our wash room off the kitchen.  Soon after this the old garage door fell on my husband's head.  This garage was very close to the wash room.  He missed death only because his parked motorcycle stopped the door from crushing him. There seemed to be an unhappy vibe to this house.  We fought  a lot then.  After moving out our marital problems seemed to abate and we have lived on happily for almost 40 years.  There was something bad living with us in that house.